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Trustnmeeh 3 months ago

BBQ Chicken

Amazing chicken dish packed with a power house of flavor! I can't rave enough about how this flavorful dish, tantalized my tastebuds. I absolutely would recommend to my fellow chicken lover's. Juicy tender cuts of chicken with flavorful sauce to satisfy your appetite. 10 out of 10 for Caribbean Haven, everything I've tried was amazing!

Ikilledbill2 3 months ago

Tofu Appetizer

Jerk seasoned fried tofu is listed as an appetizer but is a perfect small meal for those looking for something with bold taste that won't leave you feeling bloated. I love that they come with a small portion of the spicy slaw, which is exceptional. The tofu is extra flavorful, crunchy with the right amount of chew to it, an elevated finger food that I'd pick over any french fry.

Islander1001 3 months ago

Shrimp Skewers (jerk, garlic-herb)

I had had a lot of items the tri tip dinner is great. Best food around great staff also

Newscatters 4 months ago


I'm addicted to the Jerk Chicken Roti Wrap! My mouth waters with even the idea of having one. The jerk sauce is incredible, and house made! The roti wrap is also house made and worthy of any entree. The staff is always friendly and I'm always satisfied when I go. Thank you Caribbean Haven for providing such a gem to the community!

Jenvilla143 4 months ago

Eggplant Choka

Omg it was delicious!! Very savory! Definitely recommend for my vegan and non-vegan friends 🌱

Meade 4 months ago

Jerk Plate

AWESOME, DELICIOUS, BEST FOOD FOR LESS $$. My wife just can't stop talking about the food we had. Tritip plate, chicken plate, 3 appetizers & paid little for the amount, flavors and service by the owner whom served us personally. We are already planning our next trips to try other dishes which will be real soon...gotta get to the fried pork belly dish. I have already recommended this place to family & friends Thank you for the hospitality & great food! See y'all real soon!

Mcobian4 5 months ago

Jerk Tri-tip Sandwich

This place has been on our list for work of places to try for awhile and finally I was like TONIGHT is the NIGHT!!! My coworker and I both ordered Tri Tip sandwiches and rum cake and the other with kasava pie. The sandwich was bombskies!! just the right amount of kick and the cole slaw was great too! fries were perfectly crispy!! they were out of the pie , WOMP WOMP but substituted for the rum cake. I thought it was delicious, you can taste the RUM!! and the cake is fluffy and smooth. Would def eat here again in the future!

Michellegrant529 6 months ago

Chicken Curry

My family and I and various dishes and everything was very delicious and tasty. We drove an hour and half to this restaurant and was not disappointed. We are looking forward to our next visit. I have recommended others to dine here.

Deang23 6 months ago

Roti Wraps

The curry chicken roti is the bomb. Found this gem a month ago and been going back weekly. I've also been trying a new dish every time I go and they are all absolutely fantastic. The Jerk chicken bowl is yum!

Surfsecos 6 months ago


Go for the Dessert-- The Halo-Halo is as delicious as it is Beautiful Eat the Halo-Halo

Sterlingwyatt25 6 months ago

Filipino Pork BBQ

The best food I've had in my life! The hot sauce kilt my guts but still amazing!

Savetapersaud 6 months ago

Goat Curry

I so miss good Caribbean food, living out here in Ca. I am so happy that this restaurant is here - now I am wishing I lived closer! I have tried the Goat curry, the Shrimp curry, the Oxtail - all Delicious!!, Rasta Pasta is quite original- I enjoyed. My biggest issue is what to pick off the menu - and then the feeling of craving for more even though my belly gonna buss!

Lrussell 6 months ago

Callaloo & Dhal

I was so hungry after a long days work, this dish really hit the craving for something tasty and warm. This spot has many Vegan options, and the dhal doesn't disappoint, I've gotten it the last two times I've been; the reason I returned. Tofu with pineapple sauce is another great choice if wanting an app. The staff is great and will answer any questions you have...even when you have to ask 2 or 3 times if something is "vegan" because it's so savory. Support this amazing local business.

Oiseaux5 7 months ago

Cassava Pie

Did you know that Heaven can be found at Caribbean Haven? Cassava pie! Crispy-sticky-meltingly golden, right out of the oven. Not too sweet, but rich and delectable, especially with scoops of vanilla and lush Ube ice cream on top. Absolute perfection!

Tiffanyncaplan 7 months ago

Jerk Plate

So good! Have tired multiple things on their menu and have loved all of them! Started coming here when they first opened and keep coming back :)

Tamara 8 months ago

Curry Rasta Pasta

I asked for jerk shrimp 🍤 pasta, and accidentally got chicken, when I let them know they gave me the shrimp too. OMG!! Chicken and Shrimp jerk pasta is an oral orgasm! 😂😋🙏🏽♥️💛💚 Excellent Food, great vibes, kind staff, and irie music!

Cmatt527 8 months ago

Ackee & Saltfish (weekends only)

This is my favorite dish of any restaurant anywhere, bar none. The flavor profiles, quality of ingredients, and preparation at Caribbean Haven are absolutely phenomenal. The Ackee and Saltfish with Callaloo (like southern greens) are outstanding on their own, but add the house made bakes...whooeeee, you've got a dish that is out of this world! Seriously you cannot go wrong with anything on the extensive menu, but this is my fave!

Jeannie 9 months ago

Chicken Adobo

I love this place! The chicken adobo is the best I have ever had. I love the variety and everything is delicious. The cassava pie is splendid. Hidden gem in Ventura. 5 stars!

Iluvmoon 9 months ago

Beef Lumpia/Spring Rolls

This is to die for ... I know this dish and this is truly home made. It is so yummy!!! Go nowhere else but here...Fresh Vegetables!

Mirandalanaee 9 months ago

Cauliflower Sandwich

Honestly loved the cauliflower sandwich, the flavors were very nice and the side of fries are amazing. Their fries are my all time favorite! Would highly recommend to vegetarians and vegans!

Ecastrosasaki 3 months ago

Cuban Grilled Chicken Sandwich

i loved it! it had so much flavor, the hot sauce was the bomb! Really! My first time and it won't be my last.

Pchunkie 3 months ago

Cassava Pie

OMG!!....Absolute deliciousness!! Carribean Haven has my favorite cassava pie!! This dessert is what dreams are made of!!!

Saul 4 months ago

Braised Oxtail Stew

Distinctive food, beyond my expectations, this plate not only satisfied my appetite... this is soul food... I am satisfied to see two cuisines come together...

Vvillela 4 months ago

Braised Oxtail Stew

OMG the oxtail stew is the best and my favorite here. I love adding the stew to my rice as well so good! I've tried mostly all there dishes here but must say the oxtail is my favorite you must try it, trust me!

Julissadeluna0325 4 months ago

Crispy Pineapple-sugarcane Wings

These are my all time favorite wings! You can NOT get them anywhere else. If you have no idea what to get and you have never eaten Caribbean food.. you can literally pick anything off the menu and will not be dissapointed EVER by far my favorite resturant!!!!

Helloalyse 4 months ago

BBQ Chicken

First of all, everything is delicious here! Pork, chicken BBQ, you have to get some Halo-halo too! It's fresh, tons of flavor, a great place for lunch or dinner. The coleslaw. Everything is amazing!

Mattiagrey 5 months ago

Jerk Plate

The ambiance this really great at this place, the food is even better. I'm not a big meat eater but the jerk chicken was amazing!

Jonsart08 6 months ago

Jerk Rasta Pasta

Wow... if you love jerk style sauce, super tender tri-tip and very fresh veggies. Then this is your dish. I can't get enough. It's like the best Alfredo sauce you've ever had mixed with the Caribbean spice that makes you want to sweat but not to hot to make you.

Davidquinnw 6 months ago

Curry Jerk Fries

My Wife had just delivered our twins and we were in recovery at CMH, I didnt want to leave the hospital so i downloaded grub hub and Caribbean Haven was the first place that popped up. I browsed the menu and Could not believe how many options were available. I wanted to order one of everything. I went in knowing i wanted the jerk wings but then i saw the curry jerk fries.. and was curious. Let me tell you when they were delivered i went down to the front desk picked up the food brought it up to the room. I sat the food down and then ran back down stairs to the cafeteria to get a drink. When i came back to the room. The smell Was everything i never knew i wanted to smell. My wife was jealous because she couldn't eat any but the smell was so amazing that i experienced a mouth watering experience. I ordered the fries with chicken and when i say that first bite was everything I mean it was the best thing i've probably ever eaten. The sauce that came with added even more flavor. I had grub hub deliver at least 3 more times before we were discharged from the hospital. To say that i recommend these is an understatement. These are easily on my list of things you NEED to try before you die they were so good.

Bg 6 months ago

Braised Oxtail Stew

Go GO Now!!! This is a must visit location. Wonderful staff that is only exceeded by the FOOD. Yes it IS that GOOD!!! The braised Oxtail Stew with rice & peas and the Jerk Slaw. You will be BLESSED! GO GO NOW!

Socalgirl8825 6 months ago

Shrimp Po' Boy

So delicious!! The sandwich has such amazing flavor and the french fries were perfectly cooked!

Dan 6 months ago

Curry Jerk Fries

This was one of the best dishes I have EVER had.

Dgleaton1112 7 months ago

Braised Oxtail Stew

Amazing ...this food is everything i highly recommend this place

Oiseaux5 7 months ago

Braised Oxtail Stew

Mon, did we get lucky! Having just moved to Ventura a couple of weeks ago, I Googled "best places to eat" and chose Caribbean Haven. From the moment we finished the first time, I couldn't wait to come back and try some more fresh and authentic island-style deliciousness. My husband ordered the braised oxtail stew. He loved it so much that he got it again last night! I had a few bites and it was incredible! Personally, I rarely eat red meat, however the oxtail was meltingly divine. Shrimp was the choice for me, first with the jerk Rasta pasta (oh my!) and then the jerk shrimp skewers with rice 'n peas and their outrageously tasty spicy coleslaw. A word on jerk - they have it down! Jerk is notorious for being hot, but what good is "hot" without flavor? The Haven makes world class jerk, savory and loaded with spicy personality. I can't wait to come back and try something else again and again... Finally, did you know that Heaven has 4 syllables? Cassava pie! This is a specialty treat that I had never experienced before and never want to go without again! Fresh, golden out of their oven, a bit sticky/a bit sweet and all the way perfect. We had the ice cream scooped on top, refreshing vanilla and beautiful purple ube. It couldn't have been better. So that's Caribbean Haven, and now that my mouth is watering from writing about them, I had best be going back soon!

Malia 8 months ago

Chicken Adobo

Was yummy

Noiretjoli 8 months ago

Fresh Snapper

i had ordered a lot of food and i. an only remember the fresh snapper . it was amazingly good and gave of reminder of how food tastes back home . Too bad i live in Fresno . i will try to come once a month to get my fix .

Sylvia30hernandez 9 months ago

Chicken Pancit

Okay let me just say this is by far the best pancit I've tasted love the veggies they use and the portions size is good love this place . Every thing I've tasted here so good have not tasted anything I didn't like people r friendly as well

Sifucynthia 9 months ago

Churrasco (Cuban style)

Amazing flavors that pop in your mouth the meat is seasoned well.

Avalosalyss 9 months ago

Jerk Rasta Pasta

I have tried several dishes at Caribbean Haven and I have never been disappointed. I selected the Jerk Rasta Pasta because I always recommend it and I've always received positive feedback. I love that I can come here and get different things depending on how I feel. There's something to satisfy each of my itches The eggplant Choka is so wonderful. Pancit, curry, red bean squash stew, so good! I almost always grab lumpia as a side. My goal is to try everything on the menu. Also, everyone's always super kind there. The first time I went I figured it was because the place was new. Nope. They always seem happy and laid back. Like working there is actually enjoyable. Idk anyone who works there and I've never asked if they are happy. But if the people who work there aren't actually happy they should definitely be actors because they have me fooled. They're probably so happy because I bet they get to eat for free occasionally. That would make me happy too. Anyway, I just had the Rum Cake for the first time. I came to the website to see how I can order a whole cake. It's so good that it will now be my go to dessert for everything! I can't recommend this place enough. It is definitely a place in Ventura that should be treasured.

Nchicca 9 months ago

BBQ Plate

I've had about half the menu so far and let me tell you, it's all awesome. The fam is hooked. Portions are a huge draw for me, you will get every penny you pay for, they don't skimp on anything. Quality is amazing, always noticeably fresh. The fam is addicted to the lumpia's. Best bang for your buck in Ventura for Protein hands down, let alone a tasty lunch or dinner. It's a win win.


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